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UMA: “The Free Version of ZocDoc”

March 16, 2018

UMA has commonly been referred to as the “free version of ZocDoc,” as doctors do not have to pay to be listed on the service. ZocDoc is an expansive, highly successful platform for patients that need to find a doctor that takes their insurance. Doctors pay a subscription fee to be listed on their site, […]

You’re Likely Facing Daily Decision Fatigue

March 15, 2018

Any athlete knows you need to rest between exercises. Even High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT involves such rest. In addition, you can’t perform HIIT for too long or you will become over-fatigued and end up doing more harm than good. Your brain and muscles are similar; constant decision-making is exhausting on your mind. President […]

6 Ways a Snow Day is Good for Your Mental Health

March 13, 2018

It turns out getting stuck inside may not be such a bad thing after all.  1.) Snow days let you sleep in. The power of sleep can help maintain a healthy body weight and ward off Alzheimer’s disease, resulting in fewer sick days from work. 2.) Snow activities count as major exercise. Hicking up a hill […]

Top 8 Things to Look for in Couple’s Therapy and Marriage Counseling

March 10, 2018

There are many reasons why couples are turning to therapy in record numbers. Dual incomes and careers means less time for each other and lives are more stressful than ever. In addition, kids are engaged in record numbers of activities and when they aren’t doing something with a group, they often immersed in one or more devices. […]

6 Tips on Taking Care when Saying Goodbye

March 8, 2018

By: Madeleine Dopico Tomorrow, I head to Long Island to bury my grandmother- a brazen, revolutionary doctor that I secretly and irrationally believed would outlive us all. The death of an elderly person is something you have to prepare for, but that doesn’t make it easy. Someone that you admired, that always held your hand, […]

Hacking Healthcare to Get Better Care at Lower Cost

March 6, 2018

Most people probably don’t realize healthcare can be hacked and part of the reason has to do with the use of language which has been subconsciously brainwashing us for decades. Consider the plans named Medicare, Affordable Care Act, and Obamacare contain the word care, implying they are healthcare plans. The reality is, they are health insurance plans, […]

Parents are Worried About Kids Selfie Addiction and Mental Health

February 26, 2018

A recent study in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction suggests compulsive selfie taking can lead to a condition known as Selfitis. “A selfie addiction is when a person is almost obsessively taking selfies, multiple times a day, and posting that to whatever it might be. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram,” Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Psychology […]

Adolescent Anxiety is Spreading Like Wildfire, Combat it Through Healthy Habits

February 23, 2018

Perhaps we should not be surprised by the well-documented rise in adolescent and teen anxiety. Turnaround Anxiety cites several studies in their findings that anxiety is on the rise amongst global youth, with adolescents and teens becoming more isolated, emotionally fragile, and unstable as a result. Children increasingly feel a lack of control over their […]

New York Boosts Mental Health Awareness

February 21, 2018

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), half of all lifelong mental illnesses appear by the time a person turns 14, and 75 percent by the age of 24. Along with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, other common mental illnesses found in kids include depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders (e.g., obsessive-compulsive disorder), and bipolar disorder. In the United States, an […]

Florida Victims

February 15, 2018

Florida’s Tragedy The recent events in Florida have not only affected Florida, but also everyone nationwide. Innocent teens and adults lost their lives and many victims were injured from one person who decided to bring a weapon into a school. Unfortunately, this is not the first mass shooting the United States has seen this year. […]