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Marketing Tips to Attract More Patients into Your Practice

April 18, 2017

Overhead for doctors continues to climb and squeeze profits.  Each year, doctors spend thousands of dollars on advertising in an attempt to attract new patients and grow their practice.  The truth is, there’s more tickling you need to do for marketing, to get patients through the door.

Here are some helpful tips to make your marketing message stand out the most.

1. Focus your attention on the patient.

Rather than just listing your services and products; take out the “your” and replace it with “we” and “our.”  Sympathize with how the patient feels when coming in for an appointment.  Take into account the amount of time they have to wait, the results they receive, the level of pain they experience.

2. Don’t begin an ad with your name or logo.

The most important piece of any marketing material is the headline.  Unless your name is Apple, Starbucks, Adidas, your logo will not attract any patients into your practice.  Grab their attention by using catchy headlines that will make them want to keep reading.

3. Create a call to action

Include a low-risk offer, discount, free consultation or money back guarantee.  While the headline is important, many skip down to the bottom of an article.  Let them know why you stand out!  No worries!  It’s not good enough just listing your phone number at the bottom, you have to give them a reason TO call.

4. Educate, Educate, Educate!

A long-lasting patient who cares about their health wants to know the reasoning behind their fiasco.  Instead of listing your credentials, give them tips and ideas to follow through.  Let them know you will work a step by step plan to recovery.  Education based marketing will also be perceived as more valuable (patient may hold onto your brochure/flyer to use as a reference!)

5. Track Your Results

All about progress.  Track to see where your marketing dollars are working the most effectively.  Some ways to track are to use different phone numbers as a call to action,  experiment with different campaigns, email marketing, flyers, broadcast on TV, radio.  You never know what works the best, until you’ve tried them all!

6. Join Free Advertising Platforms

One of the best free advertising platforms out there right now is UMAHealth.com.  It’s completely free to list and doctors have full control over what’s listed on their profile. (Also skips insurance – which is always nice!)  Most platforms are subscription based, so this is really hard to pinpoint.  Remember ratings count as advertising too.  Positive reviews always help.  The more free advertising platforms you’re on, the better – it will keep driving patients in.

7. Market to Patients Consistently

Never stop marketing.  Make sure your website is up to date.  The average customer will not buy a product until the seventh contact.  The more exposure and sites you are on, that means non-stop marketing for you!

8. Test Everything

Just because you think an ad will work, doesn’t mean that it will resonate well with your prospective patients.  Going back to the first tip on here – always focus on the patient.  This applies to making sure your website is up and functioning as well.  Many patients use mobile, therefore you need to test your website on a mobile device (not the same as a Mac or PC) – may look distorted.

9. Blogging

Make sure your content is original and captivating.  The more shares you get – the better!  Adding fresh content to your site also helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means you’ll show up in a Google search.  This may involve providing patients with wellness tips, announcing local events and updates about your practice.  Although remember – consistency is key.  Also, the more mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress you’re on the better!

10. Host a Contest

Contests are very popular in the health and wellness realm.  This is very helpful because you’re engaging the patients.  You’re getting them excited and eager to see what’s next.  Offering giveaways in exchange for spreading the word also help and may bring in more leads.  This not only helps in your office but to patients as well.  Give them a referral card – the more patients they refer in, they get a free consultation!

11. Embrace Technological Advances

Young patients are keen on having the technology to stay connected to their healthcare experience.  You can easily achieve this by creating a free profile on umahealth.com, where patients search for care.  For instance, if they want to access their payment and care history – it can all be done through UMA.  Patients love the convenience, the easier it is to make an appointment and to keep on track – the more likely they are to refer other people to your practice.

Marketing is essential for any business, medical practices are no exception.  While it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your existing patients – it’s equally important to keep growing your practice to bring new patients in.  Follow these steps to boost your practice into the forefront, chances are – patients will be talking! Spread the love!

P.S. This is the free advertising we referred to.  If you haven’t browsed around this site yet, do it!!  Visit umahealth.com to search for top-rated doctors near you.  New feature: Speak to a representative today if you need help finding a doctor!

PLUS you get 5% back on every visit to use on future care.  Rack up those points.  Take care of your health.  Always.

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