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July 23, 2018

Video Credit: Michael Kilcoyne 

Dave: My dad has struggled with chronic bipolar disorder for the last three decades.

Slide: On my father’s 18th birthday, his mother, my grandmother, committed suicide.

Slide: My father has dealt with mental health issues ever since.

Dave: While my dad’s illness has always been part of my narrative and I’ve been very mental health positive in talking about him and his struggles we never talked about his mom.

Slide: Recently, I’ve started to talk openly about my families challenges with mental health.

Dave: One of my jobs as a leader, and I’d like to fashion myself as a leader, is to start talking about things that are tough to talk.

Slide: About one in five adults every year struggle with a mental illness.

Dave: The number of people that can benefit from therapy is much closer to five in five. Right? We all have a journey in mental health. And just like you know people have a trainer to work on their physical body and nobody thinks less of them for that. So should we all have a therapist or coach to work on own to work in our minds.

Slide: As a part of my mission at UMA Health, I want to create an open dialogue around mental health.

Dave: UMA Health is a marketplace that connects clients with therapists and coaches. We make it super easy to find, book, schedule, and pay for your therapist or your coach with a few clicks.

Slide: Mental health costs businesses over $225 billion each year due to lost productivity.

Dave: Millions of employees and billions of dollars are lost to mental health issues every single year. And so the more that we can tackle that proactively and ahead of time the better.

Slide: At UMA Health, we’re working to create an open dialogue around mental health.

Dave: These mental health challenges are not going away easily. So I need your help. Please share this with the people in your life that can most benefit from mental health growth. Share it with your whole network. Because we can all benefit from mental health growth. And together we can change the world.

Slide: Join us in our fight to #destigmatizedepression and create a happier, healthier world.

Dave: To quote Steven Atcheson

“Emotional pain is not something that should be hidden away and never spoken about. There is truth in your pain. There is growth in your pain but only if its first brought out into the open.”

Get the help you need.

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