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Can You Benefit from Talk Therapy?

September 18, 2018

By Dave Kerpen

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Dave pictured with his current therapist he found on UMA, Kelly Flynn.

Can You Benefit from Talk Therapy?

Spoiler alert: Yes.

My mother tells an amazing story about a call she got from my guidance counselor when I was in the 6th grade. My aunt Judy had just passed away, my dad was suffering from depression, and I was getting anxious:

“The guidance counselor called and said, “In my 20 years of work as a guidance counselor, I’ve never had this happen. Your 11-year-old son just walked into my office and asked if he could see a therapist.”

I saw that first therapist, Mary Tirolo, for 2 years, and she was very helpful. I was generally a happy, well-adjusted kid, but my aunt had died and my father had bipolar disorder, and I knew I could benefit from talking about my feelings with someone.

And I’ve been fortunate to see several terrific therapists throughout my life so far who have helped me work on myself. My therapist Dr. Bonnie Weil helped me to build more positive relationships. My therapist Jack helped my wife and me work together as business partners.

My long-term therapist Judy was so valuable in helping me understand the difference between what I could and couldn’t control, she ended up at my wedding. I’ll never forget the lifelong lessons Judy helped me to understand about letting go.

My current therapist Kelly Flynn, I actually met through my new job as CEO of UMA.

I’ve been able to be “mental health positive” for all of my life – but for many people, it’s not so easy. For some reason, when we want to work on our bodies, and improve our physical fitness, it’s a point of pride and excitement. People even share gym selfies. Yet people wanting to see a therapist to improve their mental health often feel shame and embarrassment. Tell someone you’re going to see a trainer to work out, and they’ll say, “Way to go!” Tell them you’re going to see a therapist, and they’ll say, “What’s wrong?”

In just about every one of my cases of seeing a therapist, if you asked me what’s wrong, I could honestly say, “It’s no big deal. I’m just working on better understanding myself and my emotions.” I’ve never been medicated for depression or anxiety. I’ve never been hospitalized. I’ve never been mentally ill. I just love therapy, personal growth and learning more about myself!

1 in 5 people suffer from serious mental health conditions, but I truly believe that 5 in 5 people can benefit from therapy.

The challenge is, our society has this stigma associated with putting your hand up and seeing a therapist, so people are often afraid to give it a try.

At UMA, we’re trying to change that.

I asked members of our team yesterday to share their own answers to the following fill-in-the-blank statement, and here are some of the answers we shared:

We believe that everyone can benefit from therapy or coaching that/who:____
– have an open-mindedness about improving their own mental stage and personal growth
– doesn’t make enough time for themselves.
– understands and believes in self-awareness.
– is willing to commit to personal growth and show up for at-least six to eight weeks.
– has a pulse.
– is breathing, especially if they aren’t aware of the benefits of therapy and coaching.
– is going through a challenging time, change in relationship or careers, or a life event that may be causing stress, mood changes or any change in emotional state.

In other words, you don’t have to be mentally ill to benefit from therapy. Everyone can benefit from therapy.
In order to help destigmatize therapy, and give you no excuse to give it a try, for a limited time we are covering the cost of your first appointment on UMA, up to $300 in value. That’s right, your first appointment’s on us, with any of our hundreds of providers listed on our site. All you have to do is book it and show up.


Your personal growth is a few seconds away.
Here’s to your journey of self-discovery and growth, whether you’re 11 years old, 111 years old, or anywhere in between.

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