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Therapy’s On Us!

September 24, 2018

Following “Free Therapy for Mets Fans Promotion,” UMA Health Offers a Free Intro to Therapy for All New Yorkers

NEW YORK, NY / September 24, 2018 / Today, UMA Health launched a campaign offering a free therapy appointment to all first-time users on the site. The leading online mental health and coaching marketplace will cover the cost, valued up to $300, of all first appointments, thereby paying for everyone to try therapy out of the company’s own pocket.

Dave Kerpen, UMA Health CEO and Dr. Marianna Strongin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

”UMA is already breaking administrative barriers that keep people from going to therapy,” said UMA CEO and best-selling author, Dave Kerpen. ”Now, we want to do more to break through the perceived stigma, and other hesitations that keep people from giving it a try. We believe by putting ‘the first appointment on us,’ we will introduce talk therapy to many people who would not otherwise have given it a try.”

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five people experience mental health issues. This is estimated to result in 200 million lost work days per year, and nearly $200 billion dollars in lost earnings for Americans.

UMA is working to spread the belief that therapy can be used as a preventative tool to stop issues from escalating, and can help anyone, no matter their level of functionality or success, to enhance their well-being.

In August, UMA offered free therapy to NY Mets fans, in a promotion that went viral, reaching over 118 million people, and crashing the site with record traffic. UMA’s hope is that people on the fence about therapy will decide that they have nothing to lose in taking advantage of a free appointment. ”I went to therapy for the first time purely because my company offered to pay for it,” said UMA COO, Madeleine Dopico. ”Now that I got to experience the value, I know that therapy is something I will continue to invest in for my personal growth, whenever possible.”

By extending this opportunity to all users site-wide, UMA hopes to open the door to an experience that people will want to continue. ”Therapy and coaching are such powerful tools to improve lives,” said Kerpen. “With this promotion, thousands of New Yorkers will be able to change themselves for the better, for free. After all, it’s on us!”


About UMA Health:

UMA Health is a leading online booking and direct-payment platform for therapy and coaching appointments. The online marketplace is free to use and operates entirely outside of insurance. UMA was originally founded in 2016 by Dr. Pedram Hendizadeh to improve medical connectivity using modern technology. Since May 2018, the company has focused on connecting people in the New York area to mental health and coaching professionals based on transparent cost, specialty, location, availability, and ratings. UMAHealth.com


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