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The Impact of the Morning Ritual on Addiction

November 20, 2018

Recently I began to read “The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery” by Hal Elrod, Anna David, and Joe Polish with Honoree Corder and before this time, I had no idea how important the morning in general and a morning ritual specifically is to someone who is battling an addiction. Needless to say, I’m now hooked on waking up at 4:30 AM and getting my body, soul, and spirit right first thing in the morning.

The Miracle Morning is a morning routine designed by Hal Elrod which incorporates the 6 most effective morning routine activities which are referred to as the Life S.A.V.E.R.S.. The “S” is for Silence which can include prayer, meditation, reflection, etc., the “A” is for Affirmations which are statements of power that are said with emotion and inflection, the “V” is for Visualizations where you visualize your goals, etc., the “E” is for Exercise which could be absolutely anything essentially, the “R” is for Reading which again can be absolutely anything really but I like to read personal development and some fiction, and lastly, the final “S” is for Scribing or writing/journaling or it can be a combination of both (of course I’m simplifying it here so pick up the book for more information.

My Miracle Morning consists of the following: (1) Brainbuddy app morning routine to work on my addiction which includes meditation where I also use visualization, (2) Jogging with a rucksack (right now w/ C25k), (3) Daily Stoic / Daily Stoic Journal, as well as (4) working on the military science fiction novel that I’m writing (more on that in later posts!). My whole day has been completely transformed from implementing this into my life and I’m down almost 6 pounds in a week!

In addition to getting your head right as to your addiction, my Miracle Morning also has the added effect of opening up possibilities to other activities to me. I now want to run daily and start incorporating lifting weights into my daily regimen, as well as looking into dipping my toes into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. More to come on all of this but overall the “Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery” is turning out to be an absolute goldmine of a book.



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