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What Kind of Provider Should I See?

November 8, 2018

Anyone can benefit from focusing on personal growth, and booking the right appointment to work on yourself is an important step. UMA Health can help guide you to find the provider that best suits your needs.

Here are just a few of UMA’s specialties explained, to make it easier to determine who you should book with:  

Social Worker: A licensed social worker can best be described as a person who helps families, individuals and groups cope with struggles throughout all aspects of life.  Possible cases that social workers deal with include adoption processes, addictions and disabilities.

Psychiatrist: Psychiatrists are medical doctors that are able to diagnose and treat mental illnesses by prescribing medication. Some issues treated by psychiatrists include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression.

Psychologist: A psychologist is a doctor who uses various modalities outside of prescribing medications to change the mind and behavior. People who are suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD and more, often choose to work with a talk therapist to improve their overall health. They can help guide and control your emotions and struggles.


Life Coach: A life coach is a person who motivates or guides individuals through life struggles. Some examples include weight loss, goal setting and life challenges.

Career Coach: A career coach is a person who guides individuals to choose a career, further themselves in their career, or explore or other options relating to occupations.  

Executive Coach: Executive coaches specialize in helping individuals who are in charge of a business or individuals that manage a group of people. Executives coaches teach their clients techniques and behaviors to run companies smoothly.

Couples Therapist: A couples therapist or a marriage counselor primarily focuses on couples who are looking to improve conflicts in their relationships. These therapists provide techniques for communication, work/life balance, parenting, and much more.

Financial Coach: A financial coach provides one on one coaching to guide clients on how to spend and save money properly. They educate individuals on finances and proper spending behaviors.  


Written By: Lindsay LaCava

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